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Skin In The game

Skin In The game

What’s a human life worth? And what are people willing to do for money?

As if being a despised mutant psyker isn't enough, when his model girlfriend is abducted Bruce is forced to don his old Sanctioned Tracker uniform and Bearpaw Blaster. But these aren’t just human traffickers – they are a death cult of unknown origin. At their heart is a sadistic butcher who has a penchant for human skin.
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About the Book

Bruce – code name Renegade – has 24 hours to use his unique psychic talents to rescue his girlfriend before she is skinned alive… or worse!


A thrilling bounty hunter book in the sleazy underbelly of human trafficking, ‘Skin In the Game’ is the second book in the Paragons Of Virtue series of superhero novels for adults. These are all standalone superhero books and can be enjoyed in any order. Check out this tense superhero thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat!

If you like superhero fiction by Al K. Line and Tom Reynolds then you’ll devour this. Scroll up and click the buy button now to discover why readers love The Paragons Of Virtue!

Not recommended for young readers – contains violence and graphic scenes

Series: Paragons Of Virtue, Book 2
Genre: Superhero books
Tags: Garry Miller, Paragons Of Virtue, Recommended Books, superhero anthology, superhero book set, superhero books, superhero fiction, superhero fiction novel, superhero novels
Publisher: Garry Miller
Publication Year: 2017
Length: Novel
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About the Author
Garry Miller

Garry Miller is the author of the Paragons Of Virtue, a series about a team of adored celebrity superheroes who, despite the public’s adulation, each have a dark side - and a common foe.

You can usually find him typing away frantically completely lost in scenarios of his making. If you would like to be put on his broadcast email list to receive early notices of upcoming books and any specials he may be offering, please email him at

Check out his blog at

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